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Can you introduce Yilong Carpet Factory briefly?
Yilong is the biggest handmade silk rug factory in China which was built in 1987.
Yilong's main product is 100% handmade Persian silk rugs, woolen rugs with silk blended, aubusson rugs & tapestry etc.
Yilong has sold his high quality handmade rugs to above 40 countries in the world.

What's the normal size of Yilong's handmade rugs?
Normal size: 
2 x 3(ft) = 61 x 91(cm) 
2.5 x 4(ft) = 76 x 122(cm) 
3 x 5(ft) = 91 x 152(cm) 
4 x 6(ft) = 122 x 183(cm) 
5 x 8(ft) = 152 x 244(cm) 
6 x 9(ft) = 183 x 274(cm) 
8 x 10(ft) = 244 x 305(cm) 
9 x 12(ft) = 274 x 366(cm) 
10 x 14(ft) = 305 x 427(cm) 
12 x 18(ft) = 366 x 549(cm) 
14 x 20(ft) = 427 x 610(cm) 
16 x 24(ft) = 488 x 732(cm)
18 x 26(ft) = 549 x 792(cm)
20 x 30(ft) = 610 x 914(cm)

How can I reach Yilong to buy silk rugs?
Yilong has built a sales office in Zhengzhou city. You can come to Zhengzhou from Beijing, Shanghai or Guangzhou by plane.
Please tell us your flight number in advance, we will go to Zhengzhou airport to pick you up.

I'm a rugs dealer and I own 3 rugs shop in USA. How can I buy silk rugs from Yilong?
You can come to our factory to choose and buy silk rugs yourself. If you have no chance to visit China, Yilong also can take stock pictures and send the pictures to you by e-mail.
You can do selection through internet. Many of our customers do selection through internet.

How do you send your silk rugs to customers?
Usually, we send our silk rugs to customers by air cargo. It is very fast.
Customers can receive their silk rugs within 5-7 days. We also can ship silk rugs by sea if the quantity is very big.

How to payment and shipping?
We accepts payment by Bank Transfer, Telegraphic Transfer, Western Union,Wire transfer and Paypal. 

We ship via DHL, UPS,TNT, ARAMEX, FEDEX international express service (5-7 working day). Express Delivery is also available for an extra charge.
All merchandise will be well packaged and insured.

Your satisfaction is 100% GUARANTEED. If you do not love your new rug, please let us know, then return the rug.
It is an easy process. We will refund your purchase price. We ask that you pay the shipping charges with insurance for the full value of the rug.


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